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Dmitry Ananyev takes Central Bank to court over Promsvyazbank

#Promsvyazbank's Chairman files a suit against the regulator

CBR asks prosecutors to investigate transactions with Promsvyazbank’s securities

The temporary administration appointed by the Russia’s Central Bank asked the Prosecutor General's Office to initiate a criminal case in connection with transactions with securities of #Promsvyazbank.

Promsvyazbank slides beneath the waters of Russian banking

$3.4 BLN later #Promsvyazbank has become the latest of Russia’s private banking minnows to buckle after the CBR decided enough was enough on Friday.

The CBR and Russia’s private banking meltdown

Investors may have a lot of questions about Central Bank's activities in Russia. Take our poll and find out what market thinks. #Otkritie  #CBR ...

Promsvyazbank: “the reports of my death may be greatly exaggerated”

The sentiment towards #Promsvyazbank just couldn't get any worse, but there is also scepticism about rumours of its imminent collapse. There appears to be an...

Promsvyazbank gets another kicking – this time from Moody’s

#Promsvyazbank has been downgraded by Moody’s  by two notches. The press release is notable for the kind of language which could carry a ‘Mature Audiences only’...