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Latest on Gazprom asset arrests in EU

#Gazprom has enough assets in Europe to enforce $2.6bn Stokholm arbitration award to Ukraine’s #Naftogaz. Following the Swiss court decision, the Dutch court has ruled to arrest Gazprom assets in Netherlands as well. Experts see no risk to natural gas supplies to Europe.

Court arrests Gazprom Dutch assets to pay $2.6 bn to Naftogaz

Ukraine’s #Naftogaz wins a court battle to seize six #Gazprom subsidiaries in the Netherlands.

Gazprom and Naftogaz: no chance of agreement

Direct deliveries of gas may not begin in April The long-running dispute between Russia’s #Gazprom and Ukrainian state-owned gas monopoly #Naftogaz continues, with the latest...

New Gas War between Russia and Ukraine Could Get out of Control, Analysts Fear

This is what Russian analysts have to say about the current dispute between #Gazprom and #Naftogaz

Russia – Ukraine gas relationship ices over again – at the least convenient moment

It’s baaaaack…….Bigger and better than ever before it’s ‘Gas Dispute XIV: Return of the Son of Russia – Ukraine gas dispute’ From the murky swamp...

Naftogaz Plays Transit Card with Gazprom and Wins

Stockholm Arbitration Court rules that #Gazprom is to pay $4.6bn to #Naftogaz. The net payment, however, including the court decision in December over the gas supply contract will be $2.6bn.