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U.S. Lawmakers Urge Sanctions Probe For Russian Billionaire

Two U.S. lawmakers have urged U.S. President Donald Trump's administration to consider hitting Vladimir #Yevtushenkov with sanctions and examine whether he has engaged in corruption.

Russia wades into global trade spat as deeper waters beckon

Moscow-based experts contemplate potential for Russia to grab America's piece of China market as Kremlin slaps duties on US goods following Trump's metals tariffs.

Poroshenko to push for EU task force to stop Nord Stream 2

Petro #Poroshenko says Russia needs the gas pipeline to deprive Ukraine of cash for army financing. "Russia might attack Ukraine once Nord Stream 2 is completed".

Latest on Gazprom asset arrests in EU

#Gazprom has enough assets in Europe to enforce $2.6bn Stokholm arbitration award to Ukraine’s #Naftogaz. Following the Swiss court decision, the Dutch court has ruled to arrest Gazprom assets in Netherlands as well. Experts see no risk to natural gas supplies to Europe.

“Putin’s Cook” set out to mine gold in Africa

Russia's private military contractor “Wagner Group” and Putin's aide Evgeny #Prigozhin reportedly target Sudan for gold mining.

“If you don’t like my answers, then don’t ask the questions”

Here's what Vladimir Putin told the Austrian media in his latest big ole interview

Court arrests Gazprom Dutch assets to pay $2.6 bn to Naftogaz

Ukraine’s #Naftogaz wins a court battle to seize six #Gazprom subsidiaries in the Netherlands.

How a 4-Hour Battle Between Russian Mercenaries and U.S. Commandos Unfolded in Syria

A lot of interesting details on the recent events involving Russian mercenaries from #Wagner group in Syria from The New York Times. The artillery barrage was so...

Putin looks at mending fences with west to revive Russia’s economy

FT reports Alexei #Kudrin is considered for lead role in easing tension and restoring growth

Why Russia is trying so hard to block Telegram

The real reason behind #Telegram ban in Russia could be company's plans to launch its own cryptocurrency.