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Schlumberger takes another shot at Eurasia Drilling

The most likely scenario will involve #Schlumberger and Russian Direct Investment Fund with partners acquiring 49% and 16.1% respectively. In any event Russia government wants to retain some form of control over the #EurasiaDrilling.

Russia’s Rusal starts production at Guinean field

The company aims to restore its supplies hit by US scnations. #Rusal received the right for mining at Dian-Dian bauxite deposit back in 2001 but was reserving it for future use until now

Gutseriev family acquires Media Markt’s Russian business

The 15% share in #Mvideo will be valued at  EUR 258 mln. Media Markt looked into the possibility of leaving the Russian market completely, but the transaction with #Safmar seemed a more attractive option.

Boris Mints defaults on RUB22 bn bond payment

О1 Group’s SPV failed to pay RUB22 bn on bonds worth a total of RUB87 bn

CBR turns hawkish on VAT increase, US sanctions

Hawkish comments by CBR governor Elvira #Nabiullina have surprised markets, with the regulator stating it would not cut rates before 2019

Molva Weekend: The World in Charts: 16 June, 2018

  United States & Americas GDP Per Capita, PPP - Dominican Republic & Haiti (they share the same island) US Economic Expansions - Historical durations US Budget Deficit...

Magnit to acquire drug stores from its shareholder

The stock market is not pleased. The transaction is believed to be in the interests of #Marathon and its related parties.

Latest on Gazprom asset arrests in EU

#Gazprom has enough assets in Europe to enforce $2.6bn Stokholm arbitration award to Ukraine’s #Naftogaz. Following the Swiss court decision, the Dutch court has ruled to arrest Gazprom assets in Netherlands as well. Experts see no risk to natural gas supplies to Europe.

Court arrests Gazprom Dutch assets to pay $2.6 bn to Naftogaz

Ukraine’s #Naftogaz wins a court battle to seize six #Gazprom subsidiaries in the Netherlands.

Alfa Group co-owner, “We are ready to sell it all any time”

German #Khan, #Alfa Group supervisory board member, on his €20 billion valuation for #DEA, potential sale of Alfa Bank, ongoing nationalisation in Russia and new markets for Alfa Group.