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NMTP to decide on 2017 dividend after court releases bank accounts

#NMTP’s board may consider convening shareholder meeting to decide on 2017 dividend. Payment has been delayed due to the arrest of NMTP’s bank accounts. Vedomosti report up to 50% of 2017 net profit may be paid to shareholders.

US start-up Diamond Foundry disrupts Polymetal JV plans

Artificial diamond producers like Diamond Foundry force Russia's #Polymetal to close its diamond business in Russia's Arkhangelsk region.

Rouble may weaken after currency controls easing

RUB/USD may surge above 65 due to the new currency regulations. The new law will free exporting companies under the sanctions from mandatory FX revenue repatriation, Raiffeisen Bank analysts say.

Sberbank and Tinkoff head to the floor for mobile money transfer dance

#Sberbank for the first time offers access to its real time card-to-card cash transfer system. The deal, reportedly encouraged by the Central Bank of Russia, benefits #Tinkoff and may threaten Sber's monopoly in money transfers.

Inter RAO continues to buy out its own shares

The company's treasury stake gets close to 30 percent but a public offer is still unlikely

Agrokor debt restructure to see Sberbank and VTB in Balkan food production box seat

#Agrokor’s debt settlement is approved, just a few days before Russia meets Croatia in the World Cup quarter finals.

Boris Mints to buy out minority stakes in O1 Properties

This deal should help reach agreement with creditors. O1 Group will pay with assets.

Russian companies see copper deficit in 2019

Hybrid and electric cars are to spur demand while new investment cycle may only start once prices go up to USD 11,000.

Boris Mints to cede control over O1 as creditors start end game

#O1Properties is meeting its eurobond holders in London as a change of control looms.

U.S. Lawmakers Urge Sanctions Probe For Russian Billionaire

Two U.S. lawmakers have urged U.S. President Donald Trump's administration to consider hitting Vladimir #Yevtushenkov with sanctions and examine whether he has engaged in corruption.