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Analysts discuss support options for Deripaska’s Rusal

Loans, government orders, nationalisation and more. This is what Russia can do to save #Rusal now.

Putin’s Stealth Economic Weapon Loses Its Punch

Russia's pullback on military spending is becoming a drag on the economy after its record arms buildup helped the country through the worst of a recession three years ago.

The Bank of Russia lowers the key interest rate to 7.25%

The Central Bank of Russia is committed to complete the transition to a neutral monetary policy in 2018.

Questions multiply on China’s Rosneft stake

Financing issues surrounding CEFC China Energy are raising a range of questions about its tie up with #Rosneft.

Russian grain exports muscle to the front of global marketplace

Russia’s grain exports will better the record breaking total posted for 2016-17 according to Rostat, despite concerns about handling capacity of Russia’s major grain handling ports.

Central Bank finds new Russian capital outflows drivers

Russia’s capital outflows are no longer driven by debt repayments by sanctioned banks. 

From Russia, With Love: Wheat for Half the World

Russian food exports are skyrocketing thanks to the world’s appetite for the country’s wheat.

Ratings agencies stoke Russia enthusiasm

A long awaited upgrade to Russia’s sovereign ratings by #S&P has breathed more life into the country’s markets.  S&P’s move to upgrade Russia’s long and short term sovereign rating ‘BB+/B’  to ‘BBB-/A-3’ on Friday ...

Russia puts the clamp on Belarus milk

Russia has imposed a ‘temporary’ ban on the import of raw milk and milk products from #Belarus, with domestic producers expected to benefit most as they try to clear up a milk glut which has hammered prices.

Late winter European freeze warms Gazprom coffers

A sudden cold snap which spread across northern Europe last week saw gas prices spike as extra heating energy became the order of the day.  The surge in demand became a windfall for #Gazprom, Europe’s largest gas supplier, as spot prices climbed 30%