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Don’t mention the……(corporate hiring policy)

This week has seen Russian social media circles lit up with what purported to be some HR advice appearing to have emanated from #Tinkoff Bank - Russia’s most prominent consumer lender.

‘Absolutely understandable’ – Sberbank analyst and research head booted after Gazprom call

Analyst Alexander Fak, and Sberbank CIB head of analysis, Alexander Kudrin, have departed Sberbank after a report suggesting that state owned Russian gas giant,...

Russian Eurobonds: The double sided rouble hedge for Russia’s offshore capital

  Strong buyer enthusiasm for Russian debt in two Eurobond issues worth USD$4 billion on 16 March indicates strong demand for increased Russian exposure from...

Russia – Ukraine gas relationship ices over again – at the least convenient moment

It’s baaaaack…….Bigger and better than ever before it’s ‘Gas Dispute XIV: Return of the Son of Russia – Ukraine gas dispute’ From the murky swamp...