United States & Americas

United States – Household Net Worth and Nominal GDP

United States – Balance of Payments

United States – Real Exports and Trade Weighted $

United States – Import Prices and Trade Weighted $

United States – Nominal GDP and Interest Rates

Foreign Owned US Debt and US10s


United States – savings

United States – Income and Wealth Growth (bottom 50% are no better off now than circa 1970…)

United States – New Car Registrations

United States – Imports of Cars and Car parts, major partners

United States – company size and employment growth

United States Labor Market

United States – New RE millionaires

United States – Guns & People

United States Parental Life Changes 1965 – 2016

Argentina Balance of Payments

Venezuela Crude

China & Asia

China Household Consumption & Savings

China rising Household indebtedness – comparison with G7

Shanghai Composite and China Manufacturing PMI

China Hang Seng – corporates at lows

China – Shadow Banking (and how it works) 

China easing – 4 different metrics 

China – Corn Stocks 

China – CNY 

China Imports – Semiconductors and oil

Japan Unemployment

Europe & United Kingdom

Government debt to GDP – Germany Greece Spain Italy

Eurozone 10yr Sovereigns YTD

United Kingdom and Eurozone GDP

United Kingdom regional economies GDP per Head and GVA

German Sentiment and Expectations

Eurozone TLTRO

United Kingdom – Consumer Spending

United Kingdom – Health Spending

United Kingdom – Investment Sentiment

United Kingdom – Public Sector Borrowing 1

United Kingdom – Public Sector Borrowing 2

United Kingdom – Retail


The Global Coal Trade

Global Crude – Demand drivers

Crude Oil – Price and Production

Crude – sources of suply

Base Metals – 2018 volatility

Aluminium 2018

Iron Ore Supply 1

Iron Ore Supply 2

Steelmaking Costs

CBOT Corn …look out below

CBOT Soybeans

Major Crops – Average Annual growth rates since 1960


Global Sugar Consumption

Global Wheat Production

Wheat exporters

China Beef Imports

Gold – spot and future

Gold Coverage

Capital Markets

Global Debt

Equity and Debt to Global GDP

Global Yields

What is a flattening Yield Curve you ask?

Yield Curve Inversions and Recessions

Developed Market Yield Curves

DM Maturities

Loans and Junk Bonds

Debt Servicing – Various Developed Nations

Debt – Emerging Markets or China?

Bahrain CDS ….ice on the back of the neck

Moody’s corporate bonds – Grades since late 1990s

China International Reserves – China/Japan UST holdings

EM Currencies v USD since start 2017

US and Euro Large Caps



Value and Growth – What is now telling us?

S&P 500 and VIX

Global Macro

Foreign Born Percentage of Population – OECD

United States and G7 Tariffs

Global over 60s

Health Spending

Workers doing 60 hour weeks

Catastrophes and Insurance

Political Risks – Selected EM & DMs

Major Global Cities – Purchasing Power

US Based remittances 

House Price Gains 2013 – 2017 – various global cities

Major Global House Prices to Income

Global Trust in Business and Government

US China Trade Imbalance 

People without access to bank accounts

OECD – Work – Life Balances

…and furthermore…

Cognitive Bias

Plastic Surgery searches – US States

The World’s Major Brands

The World’s Major Religions

The Demise of the RomCom

Spend an Extra Hour in Bed