United States & Americas

GDP Per Capita, PPP – Dominican Republic & Haiti (they share the same island)

US Economic Expansions – Historical durations

US Budget Deficit – funding sources

United States – aggregate sales balance with the rest of the world

US Corporate Borrowing

US Household Balance

United States – Assets of Generations X & Y  

United States – Government Investment

United States – debt to income & savings

United States – Spending selected categories, 1972 and now

US Crude Oil Net Imports & US Production

United States – Gas production, selected States

United States Immigration sources over time

Innovation Adoption by US Households

United States – Iconic Jobs & salaries by State

United States – Retail jobs

United States – Suicide rate changes 1999-2016

China & Asia

Japan – Bank of Japan and Japan Government Bonds

China CPI & PPI

China CPI & PPI & Real Estate

China debt by sector

China Consumer Confidence and Retail Sales

China Industrial Output, Retail Sales & Urban Fixed Asset investment

China Credit


China M1 and Australian Exports to China

Australian exports to China and Australian Inflation


China & Eurozone – Nominal GDP

China Bonds – Interbank Yields

China SOE Employees


ECB Bond Purchases & National Issuance 

ECB Asset Purchases

Eurozone Industrial production  – Selected nations

Germany & Italy – Target Claims/Liabilities

Eurozone Unemployment

Italy and Eurozone – Total and Public debt

Eurozone – Mobile working age

Germany Unemployment

Greece CPI

Eurozone – Labour related Taxes

United Kingdom – Manufacturing

United Kingdom – AWE


Gold Reserves – Major emerging nations


Crude Prices 

Crude – Selected US Onshore production fields

Petroleum consumption


Global Corn – Days supply

Steel production – Major Nation(s)

Capital Markets

Public & Private Capital – Selected Developed Economies

Global Central Banks – Capital Market Impacts

Asset price Bubbles – Selected Historical

Corporate v Sovereign Risk

United States – Covenant Lite 

Deutsche Bank and Lehman Bros

Flattening Yield Curves

Global Sector Indebtedness

Implied Fed hikes 

Balance Sheets – Major Central banks

Emerging Market debt & currency

The USD and the rest

US Equities and the rest

US leveraged loans v High Yield Bonds

Technology in major global equity indices

Government Bonds – Who Buys?

Global Macro

ECB & Fed money market implied moves

Corporates and Sovereigns as debt drivers

Chinese FDI in the United States

Chinese Investment in the United States as percent of total outbound investment 

Core CPI – United States and Eurozone

The decline of public capital – selected nations

Selected Emerging markets – external deficits and oil

Emerging Markets – debt by sector

Emerging & Developed Markets

Citi economic data change by region

Intergenerational earnings and mobility – selected developed economies

Gold/Oktoberfest beer

Household debt – the Anglosphere

Markup Power – developed and emerging economies (maybe all that talk about competition was………)

Manufacturing Value Added – major manufacturers

Emerging Markets – Non Resident Portfolio Flows

Old Age Support Ration – Selected Nations 1980-2015 and 2015 – 2050

Pension related Expenditures – selected nations 2013-2060

National drivers of global growth – 2017 – 2019

Robot Installations – selected nations

Trump Tariffs – potential responses

Top 1% and Bottom 50% – Western Europe

Top 1% and Bottom 50% – United States

…and furthermore…

Air Pollution – the worst

Bandwidth usage – selected games and activities

Minutes per day – TV and internet

Plastic Bags being Banned

Plastic Waste – estimated blame apportionment

Global Population Growth

Dementia Risk Factors