United States – Americas


Argentina – Current Account Balance

Latin America – Current Accounts

Latin America – Fiscal balances

Venezuela – Bolivar

Canada – 10 & 30 Year yields

United States Non Mortgage Consumer debt

United States – Debt to GDP and Outstanding

United States – Incomes

United States – Richmond Federal Reserve Manufacturing Incomes

United States – Manufacturing Surveys

United States – Wage growth

United States – Total Factor Productivity

United States – Wages & Productivity

United States – Corporate Debt to GDP

United States – Public Debt to GDP

United States – Initial Unemployment

United States – 30 year mortgage payments

United States – Foreign Central Bank reserves held at US Federal Reserve deflated by Crude  

United States – Crude Oil exports to China

United States – Birth Rates and Womens First Marriage 

Births per 1000 – United States

China – Asia

China – Stimulus indicators

China Credit growth

China and EM Credit

China – Rated Commercial Paper Spreads

China – contribution to GDP

China – Trade relative to partner GDP

China Birth Rate

Japan – Core Inflation

Japan – contribution to GDP

Turkey – Credit Growth


Australian Consumer Confidence



Europe – Selected Nations Debt to GDP

Europe – Selected Nations Minimum Wages

Europe – Manufacturing

Eurozone – Selected Nations Fixed capital

Eurozone – Job Creation

Eurozone – Youth Unemployment (German)

Germany – GDP Growth

Netherlands – GDP Growth

Italian Debt – Who Holds

Italy – Public Finances, Budget, Debt to GDP

Italy – Budget & Interest Payments

United Kingdom – House Prices

Mortgage rates – Russia/Europe (in Russian)

Capital Markets

Eurosystem – Consolidated Balance

LIBOR – USD 1 Month

LIBOR – USD 3 Month

United States 30 year Yields

Long Term EUR – USD

Italy Germany 10 Year Spread

Italy – CDS

10 Year Yields – % Sovereigns below US

IPOs with Negative EPS and Tech

Market Share of Algo Trading (who is your counterparty?)


Australian LNG – Projected and final costs

Base materials – Average Monthly year on year change April

Global Nickel 

Energy Prices and the Economic Cycle

Oil – The road back

Global Macro

Eurozone, United States & Greece – Real GDP

Central Bank Balances 

Intellectual Property receipts – China & US

China and the United States – Exchange Rates and Treasury holdings of China

EU – China Trade Balance

China & United States – Average Tariffs 

East – West Container Activity

EM Nations – Selected Current Accounts

EM Nations – Current Account & ‘Government Effectiveness’ 

EM Nations – Vulnerability

United States and Eurozone – Real & Natural Rates

US Fed Tightening Cycles

Listed Equities United States and China

OECD – Temporary Contracts Full Time

OECD – Temporary Contracts Part Time

OECD – Older Employees

Pacific Basin Shipping – Composition

Productivity and Wages – G20

Pacific Basin Shipping & Baltic Handysize

E-Commerce penetration – selected economies

…and furthermore…

Life Expectancy and Health Spending 

Coronary Heart Disease – United States Deaths (1)

Heart Disease – United States Deaths (2)

Electronic Cars – Projections

Global Defence Spending

Land use per gram of protein

Wild and Domesticated – Mammals on earth