United States

United States CPI

United States budget deficits and selected policy impacts 

United States – Monetary base and credit growth

United States – Auto loans and quality

United States – Auto loans 

United States – 3m – 10 year UST spread 

Quantitative tightening – US Federal Reserve

Short term funding and UST issuance

United States – IPOs with negative earnings

United States – Household Net worth

United States – Income and inequality



European salaries per month

German GDP

Greece Public Debt – who is owed what

Who buys Italian bonds?

United Kingdom credit impulse


China Money supply and loan growth

Iran – where its oil goes

South Korean exports and Global EPS

Australian Employment Growth – monthly change

Income and fuel costs – selected Asia and Australia




Copper – future supply projections

Gold to Silver

Thermal Coal


Crude – prices over 5 years

Crude – Brent, Shanghai & WTI

Crude – and the USD

OECD crude stocks

Oil production: Russia – Saudi Arabia – United States

Capital Markets

Selected Global 2-years 

Selected Global 10-years

US 10s and the S&P

US corporate debt 1

US corporate debt 2

Argentina 5Year – CDS Spread

Italian 10 – years

Indonesia Rp

Turkish Lira

Emerging Market Local Government local currency 2-years 

US 10-year TIPS

US 10-year long term

UST and Bunds

Global Macro

Productivity and Earnings – the crude shock or containerization?

Economic momentum

China, Japan & US Treasuries

United States – China trade balance

…and furthermore…

a barrel of crude – and what you can get from it


NATO Defence outlays as percent of GDP