Russia, a “half-blood country”, tried to be East and West in the course of its history, but, post-2014, it faces “centuries of geopolitical solitude ahead”. “It will be difficult, but interesting”, claims, Vladislav Surkov,  a long-time aide and political adviser to Vladimir Putin, in his article ‘Solitude of Half-blood (14+)’ published shortly after US announced the new sanctions and sent Russia markets into a free fall on Monday, April 9. Surkov was First Deputy Chief of the Russian Presidential Administration from 1999 to 2011 and sometimes is referred to as Russia’s “grey cardinal”.

“The anti-Russian sanctions in 2014 marked the end of Russia’s four-century long attempt to become a part of “Western civilization”. It makes no sense to return to the East period that finished after Russia broke up with the Golden Horde, and False Dmitry, one of the pretenders to Russia’s throne, started the country’s westernization. Now Russia faces  the “14+ era” which probably means probably centuries of geopolitical solitude”.


“Russia was heading east for four centuries and then west for another four centuries. It did not take root in either direction. Both roads are behind. Now, a third-way ideology, a third type of civilization, third world, third Rome will be sought after”.

According to Surkov, Russia is neither the West, nor the East, but a half-blood country resembling a person born to a mixed marriage. And just like many half-bloods, Russia is “beautiful, talented, charismatic. And lonely.”

“What will it be like? Trudging along? Or experiencing a happy solitude of a leader, an alpha nation that is ahead and given way by other nations and countries? This will depend on us”, Surkov says.

He believes solitude does not mean isolation, and Russia will continue communicating with other civilizations. It will trade with them, attract investments, compete and cooperate. And it will fight with them, the presidential aide warns. Because a war is also a “means of communication”.

“It will be difficult”, says Mr. Surkov, citing a song by Russian hip-hop superstar Oxxxymiron, who sings about getting to the stars through difficulties, “It will be interesting, and we will see the stars,” Surkov promised.

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The Americans can ping the Russian oligarchs for being too close to the State, but IMO at some point real soon they come back to ‘what is capitalism in the 21st century?’