Igor Sechin
Igor Sechin

An excellent synopsis of all-powerful #Rosneft’s CEO. Yukos, #Yevtushenkov, #Gazprom, Potanin, Ulyukaev and others.

#Sechin’s successes:

  1. YUKOS is Sechin’s main trophy. The reprisal against Khodorkovsky laid the foundation for the collaboration between Sechin and the siloviki” and made him their unofficial leader. The “Siloviki” helped to remove Bogdanchikov whohad helped Sechin to build his energy empire. The removal of his old comrade enabled Sechin to take over full control over Rosneft.
  2. Evtushenkov and his assets. Bashneft, house arrest, AFK Sistema and billions of dollars. This is a showcase for Sechin the Ripper.
  3. The reversal of Chubais’s reform which was aimed at eliminating the state monopoly of RAO UES.
  4. Tandem with Potanin with a view to re-taking his control over Norilsk Nickel in 2008. In fact, that was a victory over the entire old guard – Voloshin, Yumashev, Dyachenk and Deripaska. It also clearly demonstrated who is the real power in the country.
  5. The Case of Ulyukaev. Ulyukayev crossed Sechin’s path by taking the wrong side in the fight with Evtushenkov, and it was also necessary to remove him from the minister’s chair for a new favorite. Plus, there is the upcoming privatization of Rosneft itself and a tax on minerals. It is no accident that the detention of the former minister was dealt with by the 6th FSB department – the so-called “Sechinsky Special Forces”.
  6. Commercial assets of Blazhko – Rosneft, the main tenant of the business center “Nordstar Towers”, stopped paying rent to Blazhko who was the owner of the building. As a result Blazhko could not service a loan to Sberbank and the debt was sold to Rosneft, enabling it to gain control over the building. Now, Blazhko is under house arrest – obviously until he gives up his control over the shopping mall “Shuka”. This is what #Yevtushenkov had to go through once.

#Sechin’s failures:

  1. Gazprom – a political asset that Sechin would love to take control of. He more than once openly commented in the press about the ineffectiveness of Gazprom’s head. But Alexei Miller’s political positions and influence have meant that , Sechin has had to put any plans off until better times.
  2.  Russneft – In 2006 Rosneft wanted to buy out the company, but Gutseriev refused to sell and immediately found himself under criminal investigation. He sold the company in a hurry to Deripaska and left the country. Yevtushenkov to supported Gutseriev coming back, and this episode became the beginning of Sechin’s vendetta Sechin against Evtushenkov.
  3. His major  failure was the removal of Luzhkov as the mayor of Moscow. In fact, it was Sechin vs. Medvedev confrontation. Sechin’s support prompted Luzhkov to believe in his own immunity, with Medvedev’s success in removing hom coming as a shock.

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